The Adventures of Elizabeth: I Have SuperParents



My mom and dad are super!

What exactly makes them super?


Her kisses make the booboo’s go away.

She always gives me the pretty band-aids.

Daddy keeps us safe.

His back rubs help me to go to sleep.

Mommy always picks the best outfits and pretties my hair.

Sometimes daddy does my hair too (but not as nice as mom)

They both have a magical way of keeping a smile on my face.

She can cook and serves me yummy treats.

Dad can eat.

He can tickle me until I snort.

Daddy’s tickling fingers make me laugh like a hyena.

She teaches me cool songs to sing.

And daddy gives me crazy dance moves.

She can see from the back of her head.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t get away with nothing.

And pictures…

Mommy loves taking pictures with me.

I laugh, play, eat, and sleep all because of my super parents.

They love me so much.

I’m their Lily.

And their my mommy & daddy.






The Adventures of Elizabeth: Terrible Twos













Did you know my birthday is January 21?

I’m going to be two years old!

You know what that means…

Terrible Twos!

I’m living a typical toddler life.

Chapter 2 of my life story is just around the corner.

So far, I’m throwing ALOT of tantrums lately.

I never want to nap during nap time.

(No surprise there.)

I cry when I can’t have my way.

I cry when I can’t have more cookies.

(or french fries, man oh man how I love my french fries)

I cry, I cry, and cry.

I even fall out on the floor sometimes.

I try my hardest to get what I want.

Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t.

My mom and dad try their best to keep calm.

I give them a run for their money.

But I’m still smitten with my mommy and daddy.

I never want to be apart from my parents from long.

I’m so excited to be two.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store.


I’m A Mom with Priorities

It seems as a mother and wife I have more than one top priority.



My number one priority is serving God completely.

My number one priority is loving and respecting my husband.

My number one priority is fulfilling my mother duties.

My number one priority is accomplishing my dreams and goals.

My number one priority is eating healthy.

My number one priority is finishing school.

My number one priority is making sure I have money in the bank.

My number one priority is having healthy spending habits.

My number one priority is staying connected with friends.

My number one priority is having fun.

My number one priority is relaxing.

More and more my so-called “No. 1 priorities” are accumulating.

There are so many important things that need to be done.

So many things that need or have my attention.


I’ve had days where I just went to bed without the laundry done.

Stayed up late trying to study for an upcoming quiz.

Tried my best to keep the cookies away from her.

And when the day is over, I have to remind myself that I’m just one woman.

I learned as a child to never let your eyes get bigger than your stomach.

Having too much on my plate can burn me out.

Staying balanced is the only way to be of any good to my loved ones.

I hate to admit this, but I get stressed easily.

Stress isn’t good for anyone.

Less stress equals less mess.

So, sometimes I have to say no to others.

I might have to sit out from parties & events to catch up on sleep.

I might have to make some people mad when I tell them, “I just can’t make it.”

But it lets me know who my real friends are.

Who truly support me when they respect my decisions and help me have a good lifestyle.

I would never make someone else compromise on their standards or way of life….

And I wouldn’t want others to do it to me.

It’s important to have boundaries and your priorities in your life.

Do you agree?

Share some of your priorities in the comments below.

Even though I have so much in life to accomplish…

So many responsibilities and obligations….

I intend to live life to fullest and that involves living my life the way God wants me to.

The Adventures of Elizabeth: My Top Mom-Waking Methods


In the morning I am ready to go!

When I see the sun, I arise.

But, my mommy isn’t always a “morning person.”

Sometimes she is up before me and sometimes she is not.

I love it when I get to wake her up.

Here are some ways I wake my mommy up for good….

  1. Sneak out of bed and make a BIG mess.

  2. Crawl over to her face and smack her!

  3. Grab my comb and try to do her hair.

  4. Poke, poke and poke.

  5. Grab her cellphone and pretend to talk…really loud.

  6. Sit on mom’s face. (Make sure the diaper is right between her eyes)

  7. Jump on her back…ALOT!

  8. Pull at her nose and stick my finger in her ears.

  9. Placing the bottle in front of her really gets her up.

  10. Bringing lotion, powder, diapers, hair clips, and my shoes to her face sends a clear message.

Just make sure you have a sweet look on your face.

My mommy can’t resist to smile when I do it in love!

Well, here are all my methods to waking my mommy.

Feel free to share this with other babies.

Sorry mom, but I want milk!


The Rhythm of A Mother


Every mother can nod in agreement because it’s true. As wonderful motherhood can be, sometimes our bodies can’t keep up. These past few months, my body has made it clear just how exhausted it’s gotten. Every mother has a list of what they have to do, need to and want to do. Though there are some days when the list is completely checked off, there are others where I just wasted a piece of paper writing down things I didn’t accomplish.

Halfway through my school term, I started falling behind dramatically. Between Elizabeth fighting off a cold, making sure she eats dinner, gets bathed, and chores, rarely would I have any energy left to stay up all night to study and do homework. And since I’m a mother, I knew when the lights went out, I have to catch sleep in order to do it all over again. As hard as I fought, I was a sinking ship, preparing to meet my doom. I kept trying and trying, believing I would catch up before midterms or finals. I made strict schedules (that I couldn’t stick to) and different approaches to getting her to take longer naps (which kinda of worked). All my attempts ended in me flunking two classes this term. I was stressed, overwhelmed and disappointed.



I wanted so badly to complete the term in perfection, that I couldn’t see what I was doing to myself. I was cranky, grumpy, tense, and my laundry was sky high! It wasn’t until a couple nights before the last day of the term that I decided to give up, kick my feet up and sip on some cough medicine (yeah, I ended up catching a cold). Though it kills me to admit this, but I’m grateful I didn’t pass this term with flying colors. It opened my eyes to see that I was setting unrealistic goals, way too high standards, and my priorities weren’t aligned anymore. When my daughter was an infant, it was easier to sit her down and type really fast before the next feeding. Now, she is a walking, running machine that never slows down and if I get anywhere near a computer, she is there trying to type along side me.

I was setting the bar for myself way too high and made it impossible for ME to reach it. Maybe a mother with a nanny; or a mother whose kids attended daycare could’ve reached my goals, but I have to start acting like a stay-at-home mom in order to get any work done. I kept fooling myself that I could carry the same vigorous workload and schedule and still get the same results like I used to.

If not, I don’t blame you because it’s not a proud thing to admit your weaknesses when you really need to be strong. I blame it on wanting to be in control all the time. I can admit, when things aren’t in order, I fall apart easily. I can’t stomach my life not in control, moving forward at a constant and safe pace. It makes me feel less of myself, less productive, and powerless because as badly as I want it, some things are just beyond my control.

I don’t know why it was so difficult for me to admit this. One day everything was under control, I yawned and everything was in disorder. But I don’t think the problem is having too much going on in life (though it would be wise to trim your schedule) or even feeling overwhelmed, but not paying attention to when the beat of life’s drum changes.

Perfect example:

When you are dancing to music, you really have to pay close attention to the beat. If you are listening to a fast song, you can make those quick, sharp moves. But, if the song changes to something slow and soothing, you’d be a fool NOT to change your steps to fit the rhythm. I’d hate to be the fool spinning madly to something that requires a graceful step.

The past couple of weeks helped me realize how important it is to be more attentive to the rhythm of my life. Though I started the term off with a steady beat, I was too stubborn and blinded by my own desire to change. And as badly as I want to keep a schedule or routine with my child, as a mother our beats are always going to change. I can’t be mad, my dance partner has two little feet.






The Adventures of Elizabeth: I’m A Coloring Machine!



I learned how to use crayons this month!

My mommy kept taking them from my mouth so I guess they aren’t for eating.

I have a special book for all my coloring needs.

I get very serious and detailed when I color.

I love coloring on one page and then bouncing to another page.


I don’t color with one crayon, but with TWO!

I get mad when I have to put them away.

I want ALL the crayons!

My favorite colors are fuschia and blue.

I don’t like white or yellow.

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve colored.

Maybe next time!

Goodbye 🙂