Even if no one’s asking, I’ll answer them anyway.

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Q. Who is Victoria Naomi Fisher?

It’s me! I love my name because it embodies who I am. I rarely have opportunities to use my full name so why not on my blog…it makes me sound official.

Q. Do you feel comfortable sharing your life? Good and bad?

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I don’t believe anyone wants to purposely look like an idiot but I know that being honest and transparent is better than worrying about my image.

Q. How badly do you want subscribers?

Like any blogger, I want hundreds of thousands to read my blog. But mostly, I just want whoever comes to be touched and receive something good before they click off. So if I have a thousand followers or just one as long as I make an impact I’m cool.

Q. When should I expect a post?

I try my HARDEST to have a new post every week. Sometimes I make the goal and sometimes I don’t. Just be on the look out and don’t be afraid to ask me.

Q. What to do when I have more questions?

That’s easy. I have a contact me page on my blog. Email me at victoriafcuthbert@gmail.com Or connect with me through my social media.

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