The Adventures of Elizabeth: I Have SuperParents



My mom and dad are super!

What exactly makes them super?


Her kisses make the booboo’s go away.

She always gives me the pretty band-aids.

Daddy keeps us safe.

His back rubs help me to go to sleep.

Mommy always picks the best outfits and pretties my hair.

Sometimes daddy does my hair too (but not as nice as mom)

They both have a magical way of keeping a smile on my face.

She can cook and serves me yummy treats.

Dad can eat.

He can tickle me until I snort.

Daddy’s tickling fingers make me laugh like a hyena.

She teaches me cool songs to sing.

And daddy gives me crazy dance moves.

She can see from the back of her head.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t get away with nothing.

And pictures…

Mommy loves taking pictures with me.

I laugh, play, eat, and sleep all because of my super parents.

They love me so much.

I’m their Lily.

And their my mommy & daddy.






The Adventures of Elizabeth: The WayZoo Coloring Book


What do I love to do more than anything?



I like coloring so much I can’t seem to keep my drawings on the page.

I color on the couch,

the dining room table,

the walls,

the floors,

the ceiling if I could reach it!

But today, my mommy found me this amazing coloring book.

And it was totally free!

I got to color The WayZoo Coloring Book!

A free coloring book featuring cute animals!

It was so fun coloring with my mommy today.

Here are two of my drawings:


Nothing makes me happy than when I’m coloring.

Especially when I’m coloring with mommy.

Try it for yourself, you’ll love it.



The Adventures of Elizabeth: Chuckie E Cheese


My mom and dad surprised me with a day of Chuckie E. Cheese fun!

I never been there and it was my first time.

I was overwhelmed by all the kids.

There were kids everywhere!

I didn’t know what to do.

I saw a big costume of Chuckie.

I waved to him and he waved back.

My daddy bought us lots of tokens.

I played a lot of fun games.

Some games weren’t fun.

I didn’t like this ride and cried to get off.











I went to play other games.

My favorite was the water gun and the whack a mole.

There were too many games to play so I needed help.

My mommy, daddy, and Aunty helped me earn 500 tickets!

I got a princess set!

I ate a lot of pizza too!

When we left we had ice cream and cookies.













I love my mommy and daddy!

And I know they love me too!

The Adventures of Elizabeth: Terrible Twos













Did you know my birthday is January 21?

I’m going to be two years old!

You know what that means…

Terrible Twos!

I’m living a typical toddler life.

Chapter 2 of my life story is just around the corner.

So far, I’m throwing ALOT of tantrums lately.

I never want to nap during nap time.

(No surprise there.)

I cry when I can’t have my way.

I cry when I can’t have more cookies.

(or french fries, man oh man how I love my french fries)

I cry, I cry, and cry.

I even fall out on the floor sometimes.

I try my hardest to get what I want.

Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t.

My mom and dad try their best to keep calm.

I give them a run for their money.

But I’m still smitten with my mommy and daddy.

I never want to be apart from my parents from long.

I’m so excited to be two.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store.


The Adventures of Elizabeth: I’m in Daycare


It’s the New Year!

Something awesome just happened to me.

Now that both my daddy and mommy work, I can’t stay home.

I loved staying with my mommy all the time.

We have a lot of fun together.

But now, I got to go to daycare!


I go to school with other kids.

My mommy was nervous.

My daddy not so much.

I didn’t know what was happening.

We walked to the building.

My parents were talking and I didn’t know what they were saying.

I knew we were going someplace fun.

We got there and I saw all these kids.

And lots of toys!

I didn’t know how to react.

I saw all kinds of toys.

I kept trying to invite mommy to play with me but she said no.

I tried giving her a toy but she gave it back.

A couple of minutes later, I saw my mom and dad leave.

They kissed me, hugged me and told me to be good.

My mommy prayed over me to be safe and happy.

I didn’t cry or anything.

I like going to daycare!

What I Love About Our Daughter

Being a wife and mother has given me so many joyous moments and some grievous ones too. Through the good and bad days, I never stop enjoying being her mom. Especially when the bad days seemingly last longer than the good. Watching her grow up has been sensational. I still can’t believe I carried her for nine months! When bad days come and tantrums never end, I remind myself why I love being her mom.

All children are precious but none can compare to mine. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t believe that I would have a baby. Those nine months were filled with expectation and anxiety. We had absolute no idea what kind of child we were getting. When it was time for our child to arrive, I was calm even in the midst of the pain. Out of all the babies in the world, I got to keep this one. When the doctors gave her to me, everything was complete. From the start, she belonged to us and it makes being her mother so sweet.


Every day she shines with energy and kindness just like her father and me. She is loud, funny, silly, sweet, loving, caring, protective and friendly. Inside of her is all the qualities that showed me why I can’t resist her even on a bad day. I’m never ashamed of being her mother because she is worth it. The more time I spend with her, the more I realize a young woman is developing right in front of us. Whenever she makes me laugh, it gives me strength to stand taller, smile bigger, and love harder. Our daughter always reminds me to keep the fire alive in my life. She knows how to get my attention and isn’t afraid to give me wet sloppy kisses and warm hugs.elizabeth we love you.pngI sometimes can’t believe how blessed I am that I get to mother, love, nurture and care for this ball of cuteness. Though all children are special and precious, it’s an added scoop of sprinkles because she came from my husband and me. She is the product of God’s love. It makes me smile knowing that God thought that our lives could get so much better so he gave us her. I thank God that he gives me enough strength, patience, wisdom, and love to guide this little girl. I can’t imagine mothering any other child but her.

The Adventures of Elizabeth: I’m So Happy


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my adventures.

The biggest one I’m happy about is….

My daddy is home!

I have both my mommy and daddy again!

I missed him so much!

Since he’s been home I’ve been busy doing everything with him.

I love my daddy so much!

I take walks with my mom and daddy.

I follow him everywhere.

I gotta make sure that if he leaves he takes me too!

I don’t want none of my parents to leave me!

Anywhere they go, I will go.


We go to the park now!

He plays games with me!

He makes me laugh so hard!

I’m a happy toddler.

I’m so happy he is home!





I even let him do my hair!

He did a pretty good job.

But not as good as my mommy!

He lets me play with his phone.

He even lets me jump on his back!

Well, I gotta go…

I rarely sit still for long.




The Adventures of Elizabeth: I’m a Chatterbox


I love taking the phone from people!

I love taking EVERYTHING from people.

I’m a toddler, it’s what I do.

I throw MAJOR tantrums when I don’t get to say hi.

I have 3 toy phones.

That I don’t play with anymore.

I now know the difference.

So now, I want the real thing.

My mommy is ALWAYS on the phone.

When daddy calls, I run to the phone.

Whenever the phone rings I make sure I get to say something.

Even when the phone doesn’t ring, I will pretend.

When I get a real phone, I will call all my friends.

Call me!


The Adventures of Elizabeth: My Top Mom-Waking Methods


In the morning I am ready to go!

When I see the sun, I arise.

But, my mommy isn’t always a “morning person.”

Sometimes she is up before me and sometimes she is not.

I love it when I get to wake her up.

Here are some ways I wake my mommy up for good….

  1. Sneak out of bed and make a BIG mess.

  2. Crawl over to her face and smack her!

  3. Grab my comb and try to do her hair.

  4. Poke, poke and poke.

  5. Grab her cellphone and pretend to talk…really loud.

  6. Sit on mom’s face. (Make sure the diaper is right between her eyes)

  7. Jump on her back…ALOT!

  8. Pull at her nose and stick my finger in her ears.

  9. Placing the bottle in front of her really gets her up.

  10. Bringing lotion, powder, diapers, hair clips, and my shoes to her face sends a clear message.

Just make sure you have a sweet look on your face.

My mommy can’t resist to smile when I do it in love!

Well, here are all my methods to waking my mommy.

Feel free to share this with other babies.

Sorry mom, but I want milk!


The Adventures of Elizabeth: I Love My Parents


Yesterday was my parent’s anniversary!


Happy anniversary mom & dad.

Thank you for getting married and having ME!

Read about how much my mommy loves my daddy! Click here

They talked and video-chatted all day.

I LOVE it when I get to talk to my daddy.

I get mad whenever I don’t get to say Hi on the phone.

Even though it was my parent’s anniversary, I got a gift.

Check out my NEW stroller!

It came in the mail today and I can’t wait to go stroll in it.

I love you, mom & dad.