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Life Leson: God Takes Care Of Me

Growing up has been a pleasure, even in this crazy world because of one thing…Jesus Christ.

God has loved me through it all, has healed me so many times and kept me from danger, harm, people with no good agendas and much more and I am grateful.

Like seriously….

I’ve never been bullied because of God…

I’ve never been violated, abused or attacked because of God….

I’ve always felt safe even in the face of danger…

Because of God!

Never been involved with the police.

Never got arrested.

I never had to call the police, but God!

It seems I learned 911 for nothing! lolkeeper.jpg

My life has been so sweet only because of him.

Never been in a school fight.

Never been in a food fight.

No detention for this one!

Never been suspended.

Never skipped school.

Never got robbed or jumped!

Never got fired from a job!

God has always kept me…

No tattoos!

Never been drunk.

Never had sex until I got married.

Never been dumped lol (except that one time but I got him back and married him)

god never fails.jpg

Even now, when I struggle and tough times come I make it through because of Him.

He has made my journey smooth even when storms rolled in.

My heavy days were truly my light days.

His love has protected, shielded, guided, and fought for me.

He has carried me my entire life.

I can say nothing bad about God because he has always been amazing to me.

Even those times when he didn’t let me have my way….

Even when I didn’t want to give him that same love and respect back.

Even when I was consumed with everything bad and nothing good…

God has always taken care of me.


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