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The Adventures of Elizabeth


Yes, I’m the fabulous culprit that keeps my mommy awake, my toys ALL over the floor and the reason behind her blogging delays (sorry momma).

I love my momma TOO MUCH to share, but if I have to, then I should, AT LEAST, have a special page of my own.

Here to place my little feet in the blogging world, welcome to my adventures!


Get ready to grow, laugh, cry, play and twirl around with me.

I am an amazing little girl because my mommy says so.

Why question it?

I have so many photos, videos, and stories for my mommy to write for you.

Since I can’t type yet, just let my mommy know in the comment section below what you expect to hear from me.

I will be doing cool baby updates, my everyday fashion looks and giving you an inside scoop about my life.

I can’t wait to be famous!






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