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Life Lesson: Parent Life Is Precious


Every mother can say at one time or another that they’ve had to juggle. It seems that juggling is mainly what we do. From the moment they place our sweet baby in our arms, even until they are grown and gone! Not to discredit all the wonderful men, fathers, and husbands but you just can’t compete with mom. I love my husband, but sometimes he doesn’t understand what being a mom really means. And I know men will just retort that woman don’t understand the makings of a man. What do you think? (Comment below)

At the same time, fathers are the best toy. Fathers have energy, child-like wit, and a never ending need to make his kids smile. Some might even say that fathers are big kids a heart. When it comes down to having a good time, dads do it best! You agree? (Comment below)

When Dave and I learned we were having a child we both vowed to equally share all the weight — 50/50. Somehow that vow was broken. I love my husband so much but he will never quite understand all the little things I do that really keeps us going. Just like I won’t understand the little things he does. That’s what I love about being a mom and having him as a father. Whenever I can’t do something for Elizabeth we can tag team. And whenever Dave can’t do for Elizabeth, though he might not want to always admit, that’s when I come in. Being a mom or dad is more than the gender roles society has placed.

To be honest, I HATE comparing moms and dads against each other because both are so vital to a healthy, loving family. I don’t care what anyone says, everyone needs a mom and a dad. Not to step on anyone toes, but having too much of mom and not enough dad can lead to some serious family imbalances. I don’t care about statistics, surveys, or polls, I’m speaking from simple, obvious truth and heart. Without a mother, a young girl won’t know how to be a proper lady, show true inner beauty, and understand her birthright as a woman. Without a father, a young boy won’t have an example of manhood to follow. He won’t understand that respect is earned, then given. Fathers demonstrate how to treat a lady with care, how to provide, and how to stand despite struggles. A mother shows how to handle herself physically, emotionally, and financially. Without both parents, something lacks. Do you agree? (Comment below)

I hate to think about my daughter living the rest of her life without her father or any father figure. I don’t even want to think about her not having me in her life. That’s why I’m so grateful and passionate about being a mother because some people can’t be. For whatever reason, I cherish having my daughter because she could amongst the many who have no mom or dad.





One thought on “Life Lesson: Parent Life Is Precious

  1. Young Lady you’re going places with these blogs.
    I believe children should have both parents in their life. But sometimes life prevents that to happen for everybody. That’s why I thank God for the body of believers of God. God knew we would need witnesses to follow after.

    I chose to raise my children mostly by myself for safety reasons but the family of God helped me when I needed it. I have five sons and one daughter. I can relate more with my daughter at a young age because we are female. However, with my sons I feared for their future because of the place we lived. Drugs, gangs and robbers filled the neighborhood, So I brought my children to church and Godly leaders. It hasn’t been all rosy but it could have went another way.
    At times I would be angry at the absent parent because I thought he was going scott free of hanging in there the the going got tough. But as God healed me of that pain I was able to just be mom the best I could. As far as choosing between mom and dad I can’t because I’ve gained so much from the both of them. My mom taught me how to take care of my family, work hard for what you want and how to pray and ask for forgiveness. My daddy, he’s my first love, he taught me how to let a man be a man. Let him take care of me even though I can do it myself. And to never disrespected men if I could help it. And daddy showed me how to laugh even when it hurts. I love you daddy. My mom is a tuff cookie and I appreciate her too. Both roles are needed rather a person is the birth parent or not. Thanks for sharing.


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