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Life Lesson: Motherhood Will Change You


29309_422351732151_3645403_nBefore Elizabeth…

My life revolved around what I wanted, how I planned on getting ahead and how good I was going to look doing it. I wasn’t self-absorbed, just every decision I made mainly benefited me. When I went to work for long hours it was so I could get money. Whenever I got my paycheck I divided my funds to take care of needs and desires for me. When I spent time with friends it was so I could have fun. My alone time consisted of studying, reading, writing, listening to music, shopping, and just relaxing. I wasn’t bound by heavy obligations or responsibilities. My money, time, and energy were dedicated to me.


Psalm 127:3 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

IMG_1009After Elizabeth…

My days revolve around her. Now my priority is what she needs, what she wants, and how we are going to provide, care and love her. Being a mother (and wife) changed me to be self-less. My mornings involved feeding her, changing her, entertaining her. My afternoons involved feeding her, changing her, playing with her, and keeping her safe and clean. My nights involved feeding her, changing her, fighting to get her PJs on, and rocking her to sleep.

Not to sound like a broken record but my life from now on is filled with Elizabeth. When she is fast asleep I stay awake trying to cram everything I need or want all while still thinking of her. Motherhood is the only thing in life that can make or break you.

Here’s the good part…

I love being her mother! Though I miss having more free time for myself (and husband), I know I cashed in and won the jackpot. Sometimes I cry a little when I carry a baby bag more than a designer but knowing that my daughter is taken care is comforting. I’d sacrifice my style for her any day. Being a mother shows me how much God loves me.

Whenever Elizabeth is hurt or sad, I instantly want to run to her rescue and comfort her. Just like God, he is never standing on the sidelines watching us in pain but is squirming in heaven on his throne to run down and comfort us. When he died on the cross and rose again He demonstrated his “motherly” eagerness to keep us safe, loved, and free. Sometimes Elizabeth tries to do a “no-no” willingly. Whether trying to touch something dangerous or picking strange objects off the floor; I run to her with that same god-like eagerness because I love her. I love God more now that I’m a mother because I understand and appreciate his love for me. I don’t take for granted his affection, his warnings and teachings because I understand now that I’m in a similar position with my child. I get giddy because although I love my daughter very much, I can never love her the way God loves us!


5 thoughts on “Life Lesson: Motherhood Will Change You

  1. What a touching article!

    I too feel that before children life tends to centre around you; your wants and needs, likes and dislikes. Motherhood makes one more selfless as we accept we no longer take first priority. It is for this same reason that one must be emotionally ready to have a child.

    Your illustration about the way in which we are loved by God blessed me.

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