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Life Lesson: Determination

I’ve always believed that God created a specific calling — a destiny that no one else can fulfill. I’ve been waiting — searching for mine for so long — trust me when I say how infuriating it is when you see others (family, friends, saints…) befriend their God-given purpose. It’s hard to be happy for others shining in the light (no shade) while you’re stuck in the shadows. But the last thing you need is to be consumed with the success of others instead of working toward yours. So while I’ve celebrated others, I’ve been determined to focus on what drives me. What do I hear God telling m? I haven’t always been a good listener and I have missed the opportunities, But I’m determined to get it.

Despite it all, I’m accepting the challenge to write, play, blog, and all. I hate to stop now, especially when I have so many ideas. I wasn’t expecting blogging, mommy-ing, and wifely-ing would be difficult to juggle. I’m determined to keep working towards achieving my mommy and blogging goals. My blogging journey has been filled with anticipation, excitement, and not to forget my walking ten months old.  So I’m taking this opportunity — whether I was born for it or not — and I’m running with it. One day I want to look back and say that I took the jump and landed better than I thought I would.

I desire nothing more than to connect with other young, passionate woman. Married or single, I write to you and with you . I absolutely love it when I come across an amazing writer or mother who understands it all. Those “I got you” moments keep my head above water. Not to ignore any male readers — I hope to give you a little insight to what a woman contends with. My husband complains how “complicated” a woman’s mind works. I welcome all to enjoy this journey forward with me. I’m eager to meet and get to know other amazing bloggers. Bloggers got to stick together.



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