Being a wife and mother never felt so good.

Every day my story unfolds and my desire is to share what I’ve learned.

Here you’ll discover life moments where I’ve overcome, fallen down, and gotten back up.

I’m honored to share with you all my life lessons that I’ll learn on this journey.

As a young wife and mother, it can be difficult staying true to oneself.

I love my husband, but sometimes he can be a pain in the neck.

I adore my daughter, but I have those moments when I just want to scream.

I know God loves me but sometimes I mess up and give him reasons not to.

My life has been filled with many moments that I believe others can grow and learn from.

The most important thing I want you to take away from all this is I understand.

I have cried myself to sleep about problems, complained when I didn’t have my way, acted

selfishly and messed up a dozen times.

I’m here to let you know that every story gets better.

There are times when more downs seem to happen than ups, but consider every moment

in your life as a teachable moment.

I started off this journey as an ordinary girl.

This journey has changed me to be a wife, mother, and I can’t to see what’s in stored next.